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Continental Fence Schaumburg

Usually homeowners pay plenty of attention to renovation of house interiors and exteriors neglecting its surroundings. Fence is often considered a useful contraption that is supposed to keep ‘voyeuristic’ neighbors or trespassers such as kids, pets and students on Saturday pub-crawl at bay. These are completely valid reasons to have fence and keep it in a good shape. But functionality doesn’t have to be at odds with esthetics. Thinking along that lines we decided to replace our old, dilapidated fence with brand new construction that on top of other functions would increase our property curb appeal. Hearing plenty of positive opinions from acquaintances about one of the fence contractors in Schaumburg, we thought it’s a good place to start our ‘quest’. Quite surprisingly, the first fencing company we contacted with turned out to be the last one. With Continental Fence Schaumburg, we could tick all of the boxes, which we considered important as far as fence installation was concerned.

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Fence installation for protection and privacy

Continental contractors turned out to be very knowledgeable, eager to help and ready to answer even the most difficult questions. We’ve learnt about types of wood, staining, growing shrubs near the fence and more. We also received estimation and design that complimented nicely house’s character. When Schaumburg contractors got to work, they not only installed fence almost in the blink of an eye but also hauled away remnants of the old one. Our new fence fulfills all of our requirements, providing protection and privacy as well as improving looks of the place. High quality materials and execution leads as to believe that the construction will stay in good shape for many years. But in an unlikely event of something getting wrong, we can always call Continental Fence contractors for help. I think they are the right choice when it comes to fencing services in Schaumburg.

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