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When my wife was expecting, we started preparation for our little new arrival. There was of course plenty of shopping but we wanted as well to make some changes to our house. The most urgent remodeling regarded preparation of baby’s room and adjoining bathroom. Our acquaintances started giving us advice on necessary adjustments and home remodeling contractors in Chicago who could perform them. We contacted with several companies but in the end decided on Fred. Why? They presented us with the most appealing design at great price. When we had details settled, we talked about schedule. At this point, I could give them "thumbs up" for their customer service. They accommodated our needs regarding timetable. First stage of home remodeling was tiresome for us, as we wanted one of the internal walls removed completely. On the plus side was that after completing the task, remodeling crew quickly removed debris and tidied everything up.

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Next step in quest for preparing our house for new member of the family was floor replacement. Old laminate panels had to go replaced by new ones and the carpet. Then window maintenance, walls painting and voila. The room was ready. But that wasn’t the end of home remodeling. We wanted to have a new bathroom as well. I was really impressed how meticulous were Fred guys installing mosaic on one of the walls. Well, they had to be precise as that wasn’t your average pattern but the whole picture printed on the tiles. I felt like watching puzzles in an adult version. It took more time than installing typical tiles or even mosaic but with something less elaborate. Nevertheless, final results well worth their price and our home remodeling contractor’s effort. We definitely are going to hire Fred’s crew for our next project.

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