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First class travelling with Black’s limo service

Several weeks ago, I went for family holidays. I was really looking forward to spend some time with my relatives but getting there was completely different kettle of fish. Packing two adults, two (overenthusiastic) little brats and one rebellious teenager, driving everybody to the airport, looking for a parking space and so on… That was way too much for me, so I simply searched online for a limo service to O’Hare from Madison. Never travelled that way before and I wasn’t actually sure what to expect so the whole experience was a very pleasant surprise. Chauffeur arrived on time in a car that instantly catched an eye of my kids. Even my teenaged daughter was enthralled. She didn’t say that but I think she felt like some a kind of VIP or something. Particularly when our driver (by the way - very polite and friendly guy) started helping us with our bags and suitcases.

ohare midway limo madison

Limo to O’Hare for comfortable, hassle free journey

However, the real selling point for me were car seats available for younger kids. Traveling with so many luggages, we didn’t want to additionally haul those. So with the kids safely strapped in boosters, we rode limo to O’Hare from Madison. The travel went very smoothly and it was clearly visible that our driver is very professional and competent. He drove carefully, which I really appreciated due to the presence of children. When we finally arrived (with plenty of time left for check-in), chauffer helped us again with our luggage. I’ve never had such a comfortable and hassle free travel to the airport before. Actually, I’ve never thought it possible while having young children on board. It tuned out that I was wrong, the only requirement being choice of Black’s airport car service. I’m sure to include their limo in any of my future traveling arrangements.

airport car service madison