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Masonry Contractors in Chicago | Extreme

To perform masonry restoration right, professional knowledge and craftsmanship are undeniably needed. It’s widely known that not all companies can be proud of such long experience and baggage of skills. For your best interest, choose Extreme Masonry Contractors in Chicago. We’re the group of enthusiasts that do their best to provide you with the finest job in the area. Our workers don’t accept cutting corners and take pride in a thorough and precise job.


We can supply you with masonry repair, restoration, lintel replacement, parapet wall repair, and chimney repair in Chicago. We are proud to call ourselves specialists also in tuckpointing in the Chicago area and surroundings. Remember that your brick walls require regular inspections to keep them in the finest shape. Every mortar hole should be quickly refilled and we’re ready to perform not only that but much more. If you’d like to learn the details about what we do, contact our experts right now. Scheduling is quite prompt and the pricing is really fair.