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PRECAST & RAIL has been providing outstanding services for years, and throughout those years, they have gained the proper knowledge as well as skills to ensure that you will get the best precast concrete steps. Our precast steps, stair treads, and stair railings follow the ADA requirements (Americans with Disabilities Act). Having said this, you can be assured that you'll be safe when using our steps. Our prefab concrete stairs are steel-reinforced concrete that has additives that allows water retention and dispersion. With this feature, your stairs will be allowed to breathe and expand.

Our precast concrete steps have a rough finish and strip; this way, the steps are not slippery when they're wet. We also have a sealer incorporated in our steps so that it is waterproof and has good protection from different weather conditions that it faces. PRECAST & RAIL creates metal stair railing that is made from powdered aluminum that prevents it from rusting over time. Our customers can choose any color that wants their railings to be. However, the common colors that we provide are white and brown. With the railings, it also comes with a metal stair handrail that's powdered coat as well.

With PRECAST & RAIL, you can ensure that we only provide the best prefab concrete steps for your home and commercial spaces. Our railings' height is standard, but we can change if needed. The steps have a standard cross-section with varying widths (36", 40", 42", etc.), but the 36" is standard.

We make sure that we only use the highest quality of materials so that your precast steps will not only be beautiful but will also last for years. Our contractors only work at the highest quality to ensure that you will get the best steps for your home or commercial space. We handpick the materials that we use to make sure that the steps are light and easy to install. When we arrive at your property, you do not have to worry about anything. Our staff will handle the installation, ensuring that everything will fit perfectly and will be beautiful for your home and commercial space.

Contact our team so that we can install the beautiful steps that you have always wanted for your home and your commercial spaces. When it comes to your precast concrete steps, PRECAST & RAIL is the one that you can count on!