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Roofing Company in Des Plaines | Lyon Roof Maintance

At Lyon Roofing Company in Des Plains we suggest an annual maintenance check of your business or home roof, preferably before the cold weather hits. We can expect heavy snow, rain, and freezing ice in Illinois, and all these things, after a time, create wear and tear on your roof. A roof is what stands between you and your family being out in the cold, so it makes sense to keep your roof in tip-top condition. Cracked or lifting shingles can allow water to enter your attic, and eventually, the moisture can create structural damage to your home. Ice dams can build up around your flashings and in your gutters if you do not regularly clear the debris. Considering all of this, it makes sense to call Lion for an inspection and a critical look at your gutter system and flashings. We will suggest some maintenance or repair to keep your roof’s integrity and keep your family warm and dry.  .