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OM Spa Scalp Micropigmentation Chicago

If hair loss is something that you struggle with, we have the solution! OM Spa has developed a technique that has become the hair loss treatment in Chicago is talking about. The new hair treatment is available for both men and women.


One of these techniques is known as hair micropigmentation and it is a non-invasive solution for all types of hair loss. If you want a full head of hair again, the scalp micropigmentation services in Chicago that we offer will meet that need! If your hairline needs help there is a hairline tattoo Chicago residents can benefit from too!

In addition to a hair tattoo can also make use of the beard treatment services that we offer. Our beard micropigmentation service in Chicago allows every man to regain the attractiveness of their youth! Add that service to our facial micropigmentation service and women will always look at you!

Another technique that we perform is hair transplantation. Our hair transplant service offered is combined with a microblading scalp service in Chicago residents will enjoy! These techniques target thinning hair.

The team at OM Spa Scalp Microblading knows that hair loss can affect your self confidence so we take great pride in our hair and scalp hair micropigmentation. We want you to be as confident as you can be. We’re ready to perform that hair micropigmentation in Chicago treatment that will change your appearance forever.