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When I inherited a cottage I thought “Yippee, all my housing problems finally resolved”. Fat lot I knew about it. Don’t get me wrong the property is gorgeous. It’s old as in “Victorian times old”, with a wooden porch, off-white outside walls and gable roofs. Ah, and here is where the proper story began. The roofs were covered with original clay tiles, which as everyone knows are quite brittle. After moving in it occurred to me that most of them would require replacement and soon. I started browsing for roofing companies in Mount Prospect, main requirement being a contractor well versed in tiles roofing.

Traditional look required

When I came across I was pretty sure that they would be the right choice for my needs, having extensive experience in various types of roofing materials, including but not limited to tiles. I liked the suggestion of replacing clay tiles with slate which allowed to keep that elegant, traditional look. Moreover slate are very durable. Guys from did excellent job, explaining whole process along the way. Whole service was done professionally and in timely manner. On top of that slate tiles, however not being the cheapest option, proved to be affordable, exactly as company advertises.