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The American Veterinary Medical Association notes that an estimated 36.5 percent of U.S. homes include dogs and 30.4 percent have cats. With such a majority of homeowners also being pet owners, why not include these furry family members in your plans for basement remodeling Chicago? In considering your pets during just a basement or whole home renovation Chicago, here are some ideas for a pet-friendly project:

Bedtime: Speak to your home remodeling contractors Chicago about creating a nook for a comfortable pet bed that could be in an alcove or under a staircase. It can be a safe and secure space for your pet and it will declutter your home so you don’t keep a pet’s bed in the middle of the living room. For older pets, think about making access easier in your design. This could be done with ramps and low-rise steps so your pet can independently reach its favorite place.

Playtime: Use the mudroom entry for leashes, toys, balls, and soft towels for cleaning up muddy paws. Add some hooks, cubbies, drawers, or shelves to keep things neat and tidy while housing your pet’s outdoor gear. Your home renovationChicago can include easy-to-clean wall coverings to accommodate a wet pet. 

Indoor fun: Especially for cats, your remodeling contractors in Chicago can install a perch to see out a window. Cats in particular also enjoy specialty climbing furniture that can be installed. Bath time: Your home remodeling Chicago can include a washing station as part of the mudroom with easy-to-clean flooring that is waterproof. A hand-held faucet in the sink can be useful, along with a floor drain, to make your pet’s bath easier. Your remodeling contractors in Chicago can help by including commercial-grade pet dryers and dedicated space to hold grooming supplies..