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What is the cost of tuckpointing in Chicago

Just what is tuck pointing and why do you need it in Chicago

Bricks are present in the majority of buildings in Chicago. It is difficult to find one that does not have at least some bricks in it. Properly created brick buildings do not require much maintenance. However, as the time goes on, even they will require repairs. Tuck pointing is one of the methods used to rejuvenate brickwork. Tuckpointing consists of removing a part of the old mortar from the structure and filling the gaps with a new one. Because there are so many brick buildings in Chicago, the tuck pointing contractors based in Chicago are experts in their field.

How much will a proper tuckpointing cost you in Chicago?

Prices will vary depending on the contractors you have chosen as well as the scope of the job. You will have to pay more for renovating a bigger building. However, tuckpointing is often preventative in nature and therefore very cost effective. If performed early enough it will save a lot money by preventing more costly repairs in time to come. If you are wondering if tuckpointing is needed, check how the mortar looks. There is plenty of useful information about this on the blog: Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago.